Selling a Business is Not Simple. Locate a Broker

Nearly thirty years ago I started a record shop in my town. I started it due to my my crazed obsessions with an ever-expanding vinyl collection. My significant other suggested I start a record store. I think she was hoping to get those records out of the house. I did this for a long time but two years ago I thought having a small business wasn't what I wanted to do. I began for options to sell. getting it done was very complicated.

I looked to find a business adviser to sell the business for me. I Decided I didn't want to sell to a huge company. The new owner, I hoped, would keep the small, local store feeling. Once I located a home improvement franchise Detroit MI I was grateful they would try to respect my want.

However, I'm still a record collector so I check out my old record store to purchase records. I'm always looking for interesting music, but dismally my record collection is expanding. Hopefully, I'll keep my collection in my home this time.